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App Store Optimization Services

Our App optimization services are proven and are trusted by businesses for over 5 years.

If you want to keep your app to the top of the downloads, our app store optimization service is just what you need! Our experts will help you create a strategy to increase your apps visibility and keep your product among the most downloaded apps.

Our Approach to App Store Optimization

Use the right set of keywords and business logic to ensure that your app is found by users by ranking high on Google Play Store or App Store.

Keyword Research for ASO

We believe keyword research is a crucial part of any successful ASO campaign. We use our proprietary tools to not only search for the terms your customers are searching for, but to also understand their intention and decide on which ones you should be targeting.

App Reviews & Ratings

The most important factor in app rankings is volume and quality of reviews and ratings. With us you will be able to analyse your existing reviews, increase the volume of positive-sentiment ratings, and leverage feedback to improve your app store optimization.

App Category

Choosing the right category for your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play is extremely important to its discoverability on the app stores. The best way to pick a category is to look at your competitors – determine where they are listed, then choosing the same category for your app.

App Logo

Your app logo is the first thing people see, so it’s important that it’s clear, clean and eye-catching. Colour is especially important on a small screen, as this can be helpful in helping people distinguish your app from others in the app store.

App Title

With keyword research on the Google Play store, we can discover which terms you and your competitors are targeting and help you to choose the keywords that will grow your popularity.

App Description

Your app description should function as a call-to-action – compelling reasons to download your app. A good app description should clearly describe what your app does, be concise, and encourage downloads

App Publisher Name

Add a publisher name at the developer portal to improve your app’s discoverability. When you create a publisher name, it appears alongside all of your apps on the Google Play store and all your apps automatically receive a Publisher page, which is linked from your apps on the store.

App Screenshots

Want to impress potential users? High-quality product images and videos make all the difference!Screenshots should accurately depict your app. The more users understand what they’ll be using, the higher the likelihood that they’ll download your app.

Download & Retention

After being downloaded and installed, the next challenge for any app is to stay on the devices of the user. Notification messages, personalisation of the content, continuing to engage users with frequent updates and added value propositions are key.

Experts in App Store SEO

App Store Optimization is the optimization of any and all App Store data points (Icons, Screenshots, Titles, Descriptions, Ratings and Reviews, etc.) that are directly changed by an app developer. An optimized App Store listing will vastly improve download rates and user discovery of your mobile applications.

1. First, your application needs to be found

With app store optimization and extensive data analysis, our experts provide you with the insights, knowledge and tools that you need in order to improve your mobile app visibility.

2. Then, you need a slick app page

Your app page drives your app downloads, so it needs to be built with an effective user acquisition strategy in place. We'll help you design a full-featured mobile app landing page that converts visitors into downloads.

3. Last but not least, you need outside power

You can get more organic downloads of your app by improving your ranking in App Store and Google Play. Research shows that at least 60% of downloads come from search results — higher your app is ranked, more people download it.

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    App Store Optimization FAQs

    App Store Optimization is a process that aims at improving an app’s visibility in the app store. The higher an app ranks in any given app store’s search results, the more likely it is for users to discover and download it.

    There are a number of tactics you can employ to boost your app store rankings. Including: choosing the right title, a truthful but enticing description, a unique icon, and by adding screenshots and videos. You can also improve your app store rankings through ratings and reviews, frequent updates, and external promotions.

    To increase your app store rating, you should encourage feedback, have a great product and ask for ratings. You could identify your most engaged users and set reminders to ask them to rate you or even reward them with special offers. Also minimise negative reviews by offering support. Use social media to get more feedback and use that to improve your product.

    Maximize your app’s visibility by doing an app store optimization and create an effective mobile app marketing strategy. Incentivize users to rate or review your app, or do paid promotions on search and display sites. Do influencer outreach and spread the word through social media. It is important to always measure your results and optimize for better ones.

    Ranking on the Google Play store is affected by similar factors as ranking on the App Store: keywords in your title and description, and ratings, reviews, downloads, uninstalls, and usage frequency. There are other ways to have an impact: backlinks, promotions, and informative screenshots can all compel users to download your app.

    To promote your iPhone app, you can optimize for target keywords in the App Store, as well as encourage ratings and reviews. Submitting your app to app review sites will help garner initial publicity and support. Create a buzz about your app through social media, your website and advertisements. Collaborate with influencers and local audiences to get the word out about your app, and submit it to directories.

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