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ppc-process-intPPC , as said in general as pay per click is a business technique which can be helpful to find activity to sites. This model involves two entities, one the advertiser or promoter , the other is the distributor. Advertisers pay the distributors for every click a user does on the advertisements displayed on the distributors space. Generally this is done to get more number of visitors to the site, as it is more attractive and frequent in uses. One of the most prominent way of advertising is search engine advertising. It is a type of advertising where advertisers bid on the sponsored links on search engines for ad placement. But as search engines are used most widely the
advertisement display also takes place frequent hence building more customer base.

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PPC Management Packages

Campaign Set up fee (One off payment)   $300.00Campaign Set up fee (One off payment)   $500.00Campaign Set up fee (One off payment)   $800.00
Consultation and SetupConsultation and SetupConsultation and Setup
Initial ConsultationInitial ConsultationInitial Consultation
Account CreationAccount CreationAccount Creation
Website & Goal AnalysisWebsite & Goal AnalysisWebsite & Goal Analysis
Campaign SetupCampaign SetupCampaign Setup
Conversion Tracking ConsultationConversion Tracking ConsultationConversion Tracking Consultation
Call Tracking Setup ConsultationCall Tracking Setup ConsultationCall Tracking Setup Consultation
Competitive Analysis Report     MonthlyCompetitive Analysis Report   MonthlyCompetitive Analysis Report   Fortnightly
Campaign OptimizationCampaign OptimizationCampaign Optimization
Keyword Research & Bid Management   1000Keyword Research & Bid Management   2000Keyword Research & Bid Management   5000
A/B Ad Copy TestingA/B Ad Copy TestingA/B Ad Copy Testing
Conversion TrackingConversion TrackingConversion Tracking
Revenue Tracking Consultation (if applicable)Revenue Tracking Consultation (if applicable)Revenue Tracking Consultation (if applicable)
Regional OptimizationRegional OptimizationRegional Optimization
Ongoing Strategy DevelopmentOngoing Strategy DevelopmentOngoing Strategy Development
Quality Score Analysis     LimitedQuality Score Analysis   LimitedQuality Score Analysis   Complete
Quality Score Comparision Report   SummaryQuality Score Comparision Report   SummaryQuality Score Comparision Report   Detailed
Display NetworkDisplay NetworkDisplay Network
Text AdsText AdsText Ads
Image Ads*Image Ads*   1Image Ads*   3
Video Ads * (if Applicable)     YES (Aditional Cost for Video Creation)Video Ads * (if Applicable)   YES (Aditional Cost for Video Creation)Video Ads * (if Applicable)   YES (Aditional Cost for Video Creation)
Placement Sites TargetingPlacement Sites TargetingPlacement Sites Targeting
Site Exclusion & OptimizationSite Exclusion & OptimizationSite Exclusion & Optimization
Demographic Bidding (if applicable)Demographic Bidding (if applicable)Demographic Bidding (if applicable)
Mobile Ad CampaignMobile Ad CampaignMobile Ad Campaign
Mobile Campaign SetupMobile Campaign SetupMobile Campaign Setup
Mobile Device TargetingMobile Device TargetingMobile Device Targeting
Mobile Carrier TargetingMobile Carrier TargetingMobile Carrier Targeting
Bid ManagementBid ManagementBid Management
Remarketing CampaignRemarketing CampaignRemarketing Campaign
Audience managementAudience managementAudience management
Remarketing code consultationRemarketing code consultationRemarketing code consultation
Image AdsImage AdsImage Ads
Bid ManagementBid ManagementBid Management
Other ActivitiesOther ActivitiesOther Activities
Landing Page Consultation*     $50 per pageLanding Page Consultation*   1Landing Page Consultation*   3
Google Ad Extentions Consultation (if required)Google Ad Extentions Consultation (if required)Google Ad Extentions Consultation (if required)
Facebook or Linkedin Ads     Additional cost $140/monthFacebook or Linkedin Ads   Additional cost $140/monthFacebook or Linkedin Ads   Additional cost $140/month
Adwords Express (if applicable)Adwords Express (if applicable)Adwords Express (if applicable)
Google AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics
Account Setup   $50Account Setup   $50Account Setup   $50
Profile Setup   $50Profile SetupProfile Setup
Advanced Setup Consultation     $50Advanced Setup ConsultationAdvanced Setup Consultation
Funnel Tracking Consultation     $50Funnel Tracking ConsultationFunnel Tracking Consultation
Analysis & Monitoring     $50Analysis & MonitoringAnalysis & Monitoring
Intelligence/Alert setup     $50Intelligence/Alert setupIntelligence/Alert setup
E commerce Tracking Support     Additional CostE commerce Tracking Support   Additional CostE commerce Tracking Support   Additional Cost
Weekly ReportWeekly ReportWeekly Report
Monthly ReportMonthly ReportMonthly Report
Advanced ReportsAdvanced ReportsAdvanced Reports
Customer SupportCustomer SupportCustomer Support
Email SupportEmail SupportEmail Support
Chat SupportChat SupportChat Support


With web search tools, publicists normally offer on essential word phrases applicable to their target market. Substance destinations ordinarily charge a settled value for every click instead of utilization an offering framework. PPC “show” ads, otherwise called “pennant” ads, are demonstrated on sites or internet searcher results with related substance that have consented to show ads.

Rather than the summed up entrance, which looks to drive a high volume of movement to one site, PPC actualizes the supposed associate model, which gives buy opportunities wherever individuals may be surfing. It does this by offering money related motivations (as a rate of income) to associated accomplice locales. The members give buy point navigate to the trader. It is a pay-for-execution model: If a subsidiary does not produce deals, it speaks to no expense to the vendor. Varieties incorporate pennant trade, pay-for every click, and income offering projects.

Sites that use PPC ads will show a notice when a magic word question matches a publicist’s watchword list, or when a substance site shows applicable substance. Such promotions are called supported connections or supported ads, and seem nearby, above, or underneath natural comes about on internet searcher results pages, or anyplace a web engineer picks on a substance website.


Pay-for every click, alongside expense for every impression and expense for every request, are utilized to evaluate the expense adequacy and gainfulness of web showcasing. Pay-for every click has preference over expense for every impression in that it lets us know something about how viable the promoting was. Clicks are an approach to measure consideration and investment. In the event that the primary reason for a promotion is to produce a click, then pay-for every click is the favored metric. When a specific number of web impressions are accomplished, the quality and situation of the notice will influence navigate rates and the ensuing pay-for every click.


Pay-for every click is figured by separating the promoting cost by the quantity of clicks created by a notice. The essential equation is:

Pay-for every click ($) = Advertising expense ($) ÷ Ads clicked (#)

There are two essential models for deciding pay-for every click: level rate and offer based. In both cases, the publicist must consider the potential estimation of a click from a given source. This worth is focused around the sort of individual the promoter is hoping to get as a guest to his or her site, and what the publicist can pick up from that visit, generally income, both in the transient and additionally in the long haul. Similarly as with different types of publicizing focusing on is key, and components that frequently play into PPC fights incorporate the target’s advantage (regularly characterized by an inquiry term they have entered into a web index, or the substance of a page that they are skimming), goal (e.g., to buy or not), area (for geo focusing on), and the day and time that they are perusing.

Level rate PPC:

n the level rate display, the promoter and distributer concur upon an altered sum that will be paid for each one click. Much of the time the distributer has a rate card that rundowns the pay-for every click (PPC) inside diverse zones of their site or system. These different sums are frequently identified with the substance on pages, with substance that by and large pulls in more profitable guests having a higher PPC than substance that draws in less significant guests. Then again, as a rule promoters can arrange lower rates, particularly when focusing on a long haul or high-esteem contract.