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Agreements FOR USER Any sort of the buying our, administrations from our regarded site.

Note: We don’t bargain in EU nations some services. We do not liable for any misuse of bought our services / information.

By visiting this site ( or buying Any Product/Service Bulk Email Server Service/Bulk SMS Service/Email/Softwares/Links/List/Online Service/Offline Service/Web Services/Online Marketing/Email Marketing/SMS Marketing/Web Development/Web Hosting Server Provide/Web Domian Provide/SEO-SMO/Ecommerce/Services from ITDIGITALGROW you are tolerating the terms and condition of the organization.

An organization is never responsible, responsible, obligated, problematic if any of the USER neglects to observe the TRAI rules and guidelines. On the off chance that USER not adhering to the TRAI rules and guidelines and sending advertising SMS as well as settling on Marketing decisions to versatile supporter who enlists their portable number with TRAI for DND (DO NOT DISTURB) Services then any third party(who got the Marketing SMS/Email/CALLS) has rights to make a move against USER and it’s no chance influenced to the organization. If it’s not too much trouble, read the TRAI rules and guidelines prior to buying our product’s/administrations.

Every one of the promotion services are gathered through different sources around the world.The nature of the data set is characterized on every single page of the connected data set on ITDIGITALGROW.COM . Notwithstanding how quality might be contrast whenever. So it very well might be different.The limits and offer given by the organization can change any time with no earlier notice.There is no unconditional promise given by the organization either straightforwardly or in a roundabout way. So in any condition there won’t be any cash back given.Buyers of the information base should make reference to their total prerequisite while speaking with us.Buyer should initially pay to us for a predetermined data set, then, at that point we will confirm the installment and afterward we will handle your item conveyance operations.We typically send the download connection to download the data set record. We send the download interface by email to the purchaser. Anyway the download connection will stay dynamic for greatest 24 hours as it were. The download connection will stay for just one time download.After installment for any item you are naturally maintained the agreements of the company.Once you have gotten the download interface, you ought not advance the connection to any other individual by any mean for any reason.Once the download connect becomes latent, it won’t be reactivated from there on for any one.If we felt that any purchaser who is/are deliberately attempting to buy the information base and subsequent to getting the data set he/she might make a question about the installment or potentially about the item, the organization claims all authority to end all the connection with that specific purchaser and friends might relinquish the bought sum paid or organization may asylum to acknowledge the installment for any reason.All Rights are saved by the company.Any or every one of the agreements gave by the organization might change at any time.All debates are dependent upon Delhi Jurisdiction Only.

Further it is required that client will be National Do Not Call Registered with Department of Telecommunications reference RBI round No.DBOD.FSD.BC.19/24.01.011/2007-08 dated July 3, 2007, DBOD.FSD.BC.35/24.01.011/2007-08 dated October 19, 2007 and letter DBOD.FSD.6014/24.01.011/2007-08 dated November 16, 2007 on the refereed subject and is further Undertaking to the Service Provider Ms/. ItDigitalGrow affirming that according to the RBI fliers referenced over a phone salesperson needs to enlist with the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) and really at that time ought to be allowed to work selling administrations . We would then have to present the calling rundown to the NDNC Registry on the web, where the rundown will be changed/scoured by barring the numbers recorded in the library and the altered/cleaned rundown will be online moved back to the phone salesperson, for settling on selling decisions. Further this is to affirm that M/S User is filling in as a Digital advertising User and doing Digital promoting business and doesn’t have any selling arrangement. Accordingly we have not been enrolled with the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), as additionally referenced in the RBI round. We additionally wish to make reference to that in the occasion M/S User gets going a selling arrangement later on, then, at that point they would initially hold fast to the RBI round referenced above and get themselves enrolled with Department of Telecommunication (DoT). The enlistment declaration duplicate will be submitted to the ItDigitalGrow for their records and for ahead accommodation to focal organizer for every Digital Service/Solution suppliers by TRAI on this undertaking. We will then, at that point present the calling rundown to the NDNC Registry on the web, where the rundown will be changed/cleaned by barring the numbers recorded in the library and the altered/scoured rundown will be online moved back to us for settling on selling decisions. We would wish to affirm that we would not settle on any selling decisions till such time we are not enlisted with Department of Telecommunication (DoT) according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).


Dear Valuable Client, We thank you for being our esteemed customer and utilizing our SMS services.We are composing this Mail to give you some data about the enlistment on DLT stage. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) in its constant undertaking to make a perfect and straightforward framework in the Indian telecom industry has delivered another guideline in July 2018 to control Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) and improve portable endorser protection, TCCCPR 18 Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulation 2018, The Regulation is proposed to dispense with spam and extortion which has been a worry for a long time. The guideline has ordered the utilization of Blockchain innovation otherwise called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to execute the arrangement. We would demand to if it’s not too much trouble, register as substance before fifth Feb 2020 to keep away from any effect on traffic. After finish of the enlistment interaction you need to give enrolled Email-ID to your individual project supervisor. With the goal that he will get the endorsement from administrator to finish the enlistment interaction.

Further ItDigitalGrow Is the Digital Servive Provider and User is indicated thus under as the client of the administrations for self use and not reallocation.

The (User/Client/Buyer/Purchaser/Visitor) needed to peruse and acknowledge the entirety of the agreements set down in this Terms and Conditions (“Terms” or “Arrangement”) and the connected Privacy Policy, before you utilize the applications, sites, content, items, and administrations (“Services”)made accessible to you by the Company on the Website.

1. The Company offers the Types of assistance to the User subject to the Terms and according to the solicitation determined in the reason.

2. All data got to or seen by the User is considered secret and is for just approved faculty or business purposes.

3. These Terms are viable upon acknowledgment and administers the connection between the User and the Company and furthermore incorporates its offshoots and auxiliaries, together and severally) and furthermore the utilization of the Website. In the event that the Terms struggle with some other archive, the Terms will win for the motivations behind use of the Website. In the event that the User doesn’t consent to be limited by these Terms and the Privacy Policy, the User won’t be allowed to utilize the Website in any capacity.

4. For the Terms that concern you and your utilization of the Services as an Organizer or proprietor , kindly see Organizer Terms or proprietor.

I. Acknowledgment OF TERMS

The Website is the property of the Company as well as its auxiliaries. By connecting, referring to, utilizing or getting to the Website, the User consents to these Terms, including consenting to repay and hold innocuous the Company from all cases of any nature emerging from the entrance and utilization of these sites by the User. These Terms might be changed whenever at the sole circumspection of the Company. These Terms relate to all Websites of the Company, including sites claimed, worked or supported by any of the auxiliaries or subsidiaries of the Company.

1. Please read these Terms cautiously. These Terms, as adjusted or corrected now and again, are an official agreement between the Company and the User. In the event that the User visits, utilizes, or works at the Website (or any future webpage worked by the Company), the User acknowledges these Terms. Likewise, when the User utilizes any current or future Services of the Company or visits or uses any of the Services partnered with the Company, the User will likewise be dependent upon the rules and conditions appropriate to such Service.

2. The Website assumes no liability for the administrations that are given by any outsider sellers.

3. The Company claims all authority to roll out any improvements to the Terms and additionally our Privacy Policy as might be considered significant or alluring without earlier warning to the User. In the event that the Company makes changes to the Terms and Privacy Policy and the User keeps on utilizing the Website, the User is impliedly consenting to the amended Terms and Privacy Policy communicated in this.

II. Adjusted TERMS

The Company holds the right consistently to suspend or adjust any of its Terms as well as the Privacy Policy as might be considered significant or attractive without earlier notice to the User. Such changes might incorporate, in addition to other things, the adding of specific expenses or charges. Further, if the Company rolls out any improvements to the Terms and Privacy Policy and the User keeps on utilizing the Website, the User is impliedly consenting to the Terms and Privacy Policy communicated in that. Any such changes, cancellations or adjustments will be taking effect right now upon the Company’s posting thereof. Any utilization of the Website by the User after such notification will be considered to comprise acknowledgment by the User of such adjustments.


These Terms presents the agreements that apply to the utilization of the Website by the User. By utilizing this Website, the User consents to follow every one of the Terms about.

1. The right to utilize the Website is close to home to the User and isn’t adaptable to some other individual or element.

2. The User recognizes that, albeit the web is frequently a safe climate, in some cases there are breaks in help or occasions that are outside the ability to control of the Company, and the Company will not be answerable for any information lost while sending data on the web. The User comprehends and recognizes that because of the conditions both inside and outside the control of the Company, admittance to the Website might be intruded, suspended or ended occasionally. The Company will have the right whenever to change or stop any perspective or highlight of the Website, including, yet not restricted to, content, long periods of accessibility and gear required for access or use. Further, the Company will likewise reserve the option to end spreading any bit of data or change any classification of data or dispense with any transmission strategy and may change transmission speeds or other sign qualities.

3. The Company holds the right, in its sole tact and with no commitment, to make enhancements to, or right any mistake or exclusions in any bit of the Service or the Website.

4. Links to outsider destinations are given by site as a comfort to the User and the Company doesn’t have any authority over the substance and assets given by such sites. They don’t imply that we embrace the website(s). The Company has no liability regarding the substance of the connected website(s).

5. The Company and Organizer save the privileges of search and limit passage.

6. The Company don’t assume liability for the any misfortune or burglary by the programmers of the computerized world and friends isn’t obligated for pay any sort of remuneration with respect to the misfortune.

7. The Company holds the right whenever to, and every now and then may, adjust, suspend or stop, for a brief time or forever, the Services (or any part thereof) under any condition or no explanation with or without notice. The Company won’t be mindful to the User for a discount, in entire or part, under any condition except if showed by the Organizer. You concur that the Company will not be obligated to you or to any outsider for any adjustment, suspension or discontinuance of the Services.

IV. Discounts

We just convey once Client fulfill with the example of services. So ordinarily we don’t refund because of the computerized idea of the item. In remarkable cases, We and customer commonly concurred that off-base item is conveyed then the discount / refund can occur inside 15 days of conveyance.

Because of the idea of the information sold, all deals are conclusive and non-refundable. On the off chance that you have any inquiries with respect to our terms of utilization or discount strategy kindly call us prior to Purchasing the data set or different administrations. By putting in your request and presenting your data you are going into a limiting buy contract. I comprehend that all items/administrations bought from this site don’t have any assurance of reaction rate or precision. I comprehend that all deals are conclusive, and there are no discounts. Further, any information base or custom data set or email list sold by organization accompanies no assurance of reaction rate or precision. In the event that you disagree with these terms and our Refund strategy if it’s not too much trouble, leave our site. We are not giving discounts after the acquisition . The purchasers can contact our help and clear their questions prior to making an installment.

Subsequent to buying the versatile number data set/Email Database pack, cash isn’t refundable/adaptable at any reason for some reasons. Because of the idea of the product sold, all deals are conclusive and non-refundable.

The discount will be given get-togethers derivation of 20% handling charges.



2. The Company acts just as a specialist, it will not have any obligation at all for any part of the game plans between the Organizer and the User as respects the principles of administrations given by the Organizer. In no conditions will the Company be obligated for the administrations given by the Organizer.

3. The Company will put forth sensible business attempts to guarantee that the portrayal and content on each page of the Website is right, it doesn’t, notwithstanding, assume liability for changes that happened because of human or information passage mistakes or for any misfortune or harms endured by any User because of any data contained thus. Likewise, the Company isn’t the specialist co-op/coordinator and can’t accordingly control or forestall changes in the distributed portrayals which depend on data given by the Organizer and additionally distributed by the Organizer.

4. The Company doesn’t embrace any publicist on its site in any way. The User is mentioned to check the precision of all data all alone prior to undertaking any dependence on such data.

5. In no occasion will the Company be obligated for any immediate, backhanded, reformatory, coincidental, exceptional, weighty harms or some other harms coming about because of:

6. (a) the utilization or the failure to utilize the Services;

(b) The expense of acquirement of substitute labor and products or coming about because of any merchandise, data or administrations bought or got or messages got or exchanges went into through the Services;

(c) unapproved admittance to or adjustment of the client’s transmissions or information;

(d) some other matter identifying with the administrations; including, without limit, harms for loss of utilization, information or benefits, emerging out of or in any capacity associated with the utilization or execution of the Website.

7. Neither will the Company be liable for the deferral or powerlessness to utilize the Website or related administrations, the arrangement of or inability to offer types of assistance, or for any data, programming, items, benefits and related designs acquired through the site, or in any case emerging out of the utilization of the site, regardless of whether dependent on agreement, misdeed, carelessness, severe obligation or something else.

8. Further, the Company will not be considered answerable for non-accessibility of the Website during intermittent upkeep activities or any impromptu suspension of admittance to the Website that might happen because of specialized reasons or under any condition past the Company’s control. The User comprehends and concurs that any material as well as information downloaded or in any case got through the Website is done completely at their own circumspection and hazard and they will be exclusively liable for any harm to their PC frameworks or loss of information that outcomes from the download of such material and additionally information. These restrictions, disclaimer of guarantees and avoidances apply regardless of whether the harms emerge from (a) break of agreement, (b) penetrate of guarantee, (c) carelessness, or (d) some other reason for activity, to the degree such rejection and limits are not denied by pertinent law. The most extreme responsibility on piece of the Company emerging under any conditions, in regard of any administrations offered on the Website, will be restricted to the discount of aggregate sum got from the User for profiting the administrations less any scratch-off, discount or others charges, as might be material. For no situation the obligation will incorporate any noteworthy misfortune, harm or extra cost at all.


VI. Installment

The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to charge posting expenses for specific postings, just as exchange charges dependent on certain finished exchanges utilizing the Services. The Company further maintains all authority to adjust any charges occasionally, without notice. The User will be at risk to pay every single material charge, expenses, obligations, duties, tolls and appraisals for profiting the Services.


1. The Website might contain administrations like email, talk, release board administrations, data identified with suggestions, news gatherings, discussions, networks, individual pages, schedules, as well as other message (hereinafter on the whole alluded to as “Correspondence Services”). The User concurs and embraces to utilize the Communication Services just to post, send and get messages and material that are legitimate/according to law, and identified with the specific Communication Service. The User concurs and attempts that when utilizing a Communication Service, the User will not:

a. defame, misuse, disturb, tail, compromise or in any case disregard the legitimate privileges of others;

b. upload documents that contain programming or other material secured by licensed innovation laws except if the User claims or controls the rights thereto or have gotten every single important assent;

c. upload or appropriate records that contain infections, adulterated documents, or some other comparative programming or projects that might harm the activity of the Website or another’s PC;

d. advertise or offer to sell or purchase any products or administrations for any business reason, except if such Communication Service explicitly permits such messages;

e. conduct or forward overviews, challenges, fraudulent business models or junk letters;

f. download any record posted by another client of a Communication Service that the User know, or sensibly should know, can’t be lawfully conveyed in such way;

g. falsify or erase any creator attributions, legitimate or other appropriate notification or exclusive assignments or marks of the beginning or wellspring of programming or other material contained in a record that is transferred;

h. violate any implicit rules or different rules, which might be pertinent for or to a specific Communication Service;

i. violate any relevant laws or guidelines for the time being in power in or outside India; and

j. violate any of the agreements of this Agreement or some other agreements for the utilization of the Website contained somewhere else thus.

2. The Company has no commitment to screen the Communication Services. Nonetheless, the Company maintains whatever authority is needed to survey materials posted through Communication Service and to eliminate any materials in its sole tact. The Company maintains all authority to end the User’s admittance to any or the entirety of the Communication Services whenever without notice under any circumstance.

3. The Company saves the right consistently to reveal any data as is important to fulfill or follow any appropriate law, guideline, lawful cycle or legislative solicitation, or to alter, decline to present or on eliminate any data or materials, in entire or to a limited extent, in the Company’s sole prudence.


1. The Company saves the right, in its sole prudence, to end the admittance to the Website and the connected administrations or any part thereof whenever, without notice. Without restricting the prior, the Company will reserve the option to quickly end any passwords or records of the User in case of any direct by the User which the Company, in its sole caution, considers to be inadmissible, or in case of any penetrate by the User of this Agreement. Despite some other arrangements of the Terms, or any broad legitimate standards in actuality, any arrangement of the Terms that forces or examines proceeding with commitments on a gathering will endure the lapse or end of the Terms.

2. It is concurred by the User that the majority of the substance and a portion of the highlights on the site are made accessible to the User for nothing. Notwithstanding, the Company maintains all authority to end admittance to specific regions or highlights of the Website whenever under any circumstance, with or without notice. The Company additionally claims the general authority to deny admittance to specific Users to any/the entirety of its Services with no earlier notification/clarification to ensure the interests of the Company or potentially different guests to the Website. The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to restrict, deny or make diverse admittance to the Website and its highlights concerning various Users or to change any of the highlights or present new highlights without earlier notification.

IX. Protected innovation RIGHTS

1. The Company might furnish the User with content like information or other material contained in support commercials or data. This material might be ensured by copyrights, brand names or other protected innovation rights and laws. The User might utilize this material just as explicitly approved by the Company and will not duplicate, send or make subordinate works of such material without express approval from the Company.

2. The Company is the sole proprietor or legal licensee of the relative multitude of rights to the site and its substance. “Site Content” will mean its information and so forth The Website Content exemplifies proprietary innovations and protected innovation rights ensured under overall copyright and different laws. All title, proprietorship and protected innovation rights in the Website Content will stay with the Company, its offshoots or licensor’s of the Company’s substance, by and large.

3. All rights, not in any case asserted under this Agreement are thusly held. The data contained in this Website is planned, exclusively to give general data to the individual utilization of the User who acknowledges full liability regarding its utilization. The Company doesn’t address or embrace the precision or dependability of any data, or commercials contained on, circulated through, or connected, downloaded or got to from any of the Services contained on this site, or the nature of any items, data or different materials showed, or acquired by the User because of a promotion or some other data or offer in or regarding the Services.

4. The User recognizes and concurs that they will not transfer, post, recreate or convey any substance on or through the Website that is ensured by copyright or other exclusive right of an outsider, without getting the authorization of the proprietor of such right. Any protected or other restrictive substance circulated on or through the Website with the assent of the proprietor should contain the fitting copyright or other exclusive rights notice. The unapproved accommodation or circulation of protected or other exclusive substance is illicit and could expose the User to individual responsibility or criminal arraignment.

5. The Company doesn’t have any express weight or obligation to give the User signs, markings or whatever else that might help the User in deciding if the material being referred to is protected or reserved.

6. All related symbols and logos are enrolled brand names or brand names or administration characteristics of the Company in different purviews and are secured under material copyright, Trademark and other exclusive rights laws. The unapproved replicating, alteration, use or distribution of these imprints is totally precluded.

7. The brand names, logos and administration (“Marks”) showed on the Websiteare the property of the Company and other particular people. The User is disallowed from utilizing any Marks for any reason including, yet not restricted to use as metatags on different pages or destinations on the World Wide Web without the composed authorization of the Company or such outsider which might possess the Marks.

8. Trademarks that are situated inside or on the Website or a site in any case possessed or worked related to the Company will not be considered to be in the public area yet rather the selective property of the Company, except if such webpage is under permit from the brand name proprietor thereof, in which case such permit is for the restrictive advantage and utilization of the Company, except if in any case expressed.

9. All data and content including any product programs accessible on or through the Website including the Website Content is secured by copyright. The User is precluded from changing, duplicating, conveying, communicating, showing, distributing, selling, authorizing, making subsidiary works or utilizing any Website Content accessible on or through the Website for business or public purposes.

10. The Website contains protected material, brand names, exchange secrets,patents, and other restrictive data, including, yet not restricted to, text, programming, photographs, video, designs, music, sound, and the whole substance of the Company secured by copyright as an aggregate work under the pertinent intellectual property laws.

11. The Company claims a copyright in the determination, coordination, course of action and improvement of such substance, just as in the substance unique to it.

12. In expansion, utilization of the Website Content for any reason not explicitly allowed in this Agreement is precluded and may welcome legitimate activity. As a state of the User’s admittance to and utilization of the Services, the User makes a deal to avoid utilizing the Website Services to encroach the licensed innovation privileges of others in any capacity. The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to end the record of the User upon any encroachment of the privileges of others related to utilization of the Company’s Service, or on the other hand if the Company accepts that the User’s lead is destructive to the interests of the Company, its subsidiaries, or different clients, or for some other explanation in the Company’s sole caution, with or without cause.

13. The Company claims all authority to eliminate from the Website any substance that is affirmed to encroach somebody’s copyright.

14. The User recognizes that he/she/it doesn’t get any proprietorship rights by downloading protected material.

X. Forbiddance OF UNLAWFUL USE

As a state of the utilization of the Website, the User warrants that they won’t utilize the Website for any reason that is unlawful or illicit under any law for the time being in power inside or outside India or disallowed by the Terms including both explicit and suggested. Moreover, the Website will not be utilized in any way, which could harm, cripple, overburden or weaken it or meddle with some other gathering’s utilization or potentially delight in the Website. The User will abstain from getting or endeavoring to acquire any materials or data through any means not purposefully made accessible or accommodated or through the Website.

XI. Random

1. If any of these conditions are considered invalid, void, or under any circumstance unenforceable, the gatherings concur that the court should try to offer impact to the gatherings’ aims as reflected in the arrangement, and the unenforceable condition will be considered severable and will not influence the legitimacy and enforceability of any leftover condition.

2. The Terms and the connection between the User and the Company will be represented by the laws as relevant in India.

3. Any questions will be taken care of in the able courts of Jaipur Rajasthan, India.

4. Except as something else, explicitly gave in these Terms, there will be no outsider recipients to the equivalent. These Terms comprise the whole understanding between the User and the Company and administers the User’s utilization of the Site, supplanting any earlier arrangements between the User and the Company concerning the Website.

5. Provisions identified with responsibility, reimbursement, disclaimers of guarantees, licensed innovation assurances, and security of Website Content will endure end of this arrangement.

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