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    What is a Toll Free Number Solution?

    What can be more profitable than allowing your customers to talk with you free of cost , that means they pay no money while having a discussion with you. You can Give your customers this privilege by using a feature call toll free number.

    Basically a Toll-Free number is a phone number in which billing is done for incoming calls instead from the calls originated. This means the one who is calling will not be charged , yet the receiving end will be charged. These Toll Free numbers can be dialled any where from the country without paying any charges. This additional feature of having a toll free number makes you company look bigger and professional.

    We  offers you packages for toll free numbers. These offers are customized as per therequirements. Our toll free services are equipped with most advanced systems and equipments to assure that you get the crystal clear voice quality from every nook and corner. Our services also include pre-recorded voice as auto attendant which further ease your work and enhance customer service.


    Fast Setup

    Receive calls in few minutes

    Global Call Forwarding

    Forward calls to home, office or PBX anywhere around the world

    24/7 Access to Support Team

    Dedicated support team

    Cancel Any Time

    No obligation monthly and pay as you go options

    100% Cloud-Based Platform

    Add, remove, and edit numbers online


    Boost your services and products efficiently with Toll free number campaigns.

    Increase Lead Conversion

    Toll free numbers drive greater call rates, which results in significant lead conversion rates for businesses.

    Generate Business in New Markets

    Expand your customer service reach across the country without on-site infrastructure investment through premium toll free numbers.

    Boost Customer Satisfaction

    Customers bear zero cost when reaching out to you, giving them more options for query resolution and grievance addressing.

    Track Marketing Campaigns

    Seamlessly track marketing campaign effectiveness. Collect customer feedback and surveys instantly through toll free numbers.

    Build Brand Recall Value

    1800 toll free numbers are easier to recall, enabling customers to engage effortlessly across multi-touchpoint campaigns.

    Establish 24 x7 Availability

    With toll free business numbers, be available to your customers even after business hours.

    Pricing India Toll Free Number

    ₹ 7,555

    3 Months validity

    ₹ 5,000 Rental

    ₹ 2,555 Credits

    1 Exophone

    2 Agents

    Unlimited Channels

    Multilevel IVR

    ₹ 24,999

    12 Months validity

    ₹ 15,499 Rental

    ₹ 9,500 Credits

    2 Exophones

    6 Agents

    Unlimited Channels

    Multilevel IVR

    ₹ 59,499

    12 Months validity

    ₹ 15,499 Credits

    ₹ 39,000 Credits

    10 Exophone

    Unlimited agents

    Unlimited Channels

    Multilevel IVR

    Custom Solution for Enterprises

    We work with some of the biggest companies in Asia and help them with customized cloud telephony solutions


    ₹ Rental

    ₹ Credits



    Unlimited Channels

    Multilevel IVR

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