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Virtual Number Service

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A virtual number is a typical 10-digit versatile number for example 9999999999 with the exception of it offers a bigger number of highlights and preferred bring the board over a typical versatile number.

In VMN (Virtual Mobile Number or 10-Digit Number), the guest and the called party the two pays for the call notwithstanding, the charges are conveyed among them. Since the two players are paying for the call it is all the more kind with pocket for organizations and furthermore lessens the spam calls.

For the most part the number is given by the Cloud Telephony supplier yet your own number can likewise be utilized as a Virtual number however it’s anything but prescribed because of different reasons.

How Virtual Number Works With ITDigitalGrow Cloud Telephony?


ITDigitalGrow simply give the Virtual number as well as empowers your business number with an IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) alongside the adaptability and excess of exceptionally top of the line communication framework worth lakhs of Rupees in only barely any hundred Rupees charged on month to month premise.

At the point when you utilize a basic portable number as your business number then you miss the shrewd IVR framework and it is inclined to free numerous business requires the reasons like  “Out of inclusion region”, “Called party is occupied on other call”, “Beneficiary is on leave” or basically the “Recipient isn’t keen on accepting the calls”. 

With ITDigitalGrow, you will get a wise IVR framework, which settles on your decision stream more effective and your group more useful. A significant number of the assignments can be robotized or disseminated relying on the client’s info.

For instance, when a guest squeezes 1 the call will be sent to Sales, when squeezed 2 the call will be moved to Support. Likewise, in each choice call can be sent to different clients all at once or can be sent relying on the accessibility of the specialist. It can likewise be arranged to consequently make support ticket numbers or bring information from a CRM and report to the guest relying on the guest’s number.

Every one of the calls are logged naturally, framework can check the accessibility of the specialists and forward the calls dependent on that, send alarms on missed calls or even declare a “Working hours over” message over the call. 

Advantages of ITDigitalGrow Virtual Number With IVR

You will save cost… a ton of it. No continuous costs, No overhead, control your costs and work on your representative’s efficiency with ITDigitalGrow Intelligent IVRS.

ITDigitalGrow gives you repetitive courses to acknowledge and move your calls with 99% uptime S.L.A#2 significantly more then what some other specialist co-op gives. ITDigitalGrow conveys a cross country organization of repetitive availability with administrators to give best uptime, network and adaptability.

With a second notification you can expand the quantity of channels (concurrent calls) to 1,80,000 every moment (contingent on your arrangement) without composing a solitary word on your PC.

Since, you don’t need to keep up with any worker, data set, EPABX or organization in the long run it will save part of your’s time and cash alongside the labor.

Our Features

Client care

24x7 ticket based client service.

Call Recordings

Pay attention to brings in future.

SMS Acknowledgment

Send SMS based alarms to your guests.

Ongoing Alerts

Get alarms for Missed and Received approaches your portable.

Call Logs

Check call examination continuously.

IVR Widgets

Prepared to utilize gadgets for Complaint the board, and so on

Multi-User CRM

Admittance to CRM for each specialist.

Cost Management

Boycotting and Working Hours arrangement for cost the board.


₹ 1599 MONTHLY

Free 400 Minutes/month

Free CRM: Yes

3 Agents

3 Simultaneous Calls

Multi User Panel

Unlimited Level IVR

₹ 3,499 MONTHLY

Free 2,306 Minutes/month

Free CRM: Yes

10 Agents

10 Simultaneous Calls

Multi User Panel

Unlimited Level IVR

₹ 4,999 MONTHLY

Free 12,500 Minutes/month

Free CRM: Yes

30 Agents

30 Simultaneous Calls

Multi User Panel

Unlimited Level IVR

₹ 7,999 MONTHLY

Free 33,333 Minutes/month

Free CRM: Yes

50 Agents

50 Simultaneous Calls

Multi User Panel

Unlimited Level IVR