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Bulk e-Mail- Introduction and benefits

Bulk e-mail services are very useful tools as it is commonly used by digital marketing experts to take care of all e-mail marketing campaigns. It is even the cheapest marketing strategy for small businesses as well as large ones. You can easily send e-mail campaigns with this bulk e-mail service as it will help you build awareness and raise interest in your products and services.

Let’s see the benefits of bulk e-mail.

  • User behavior tracking: It will help you track key e-mail metrics, such as open rates, unique clicks, click-to-open rate, clickthrough rate, list growth rate, bounce rate, etc. You can even track your revenue per subscriber and revenue per e-mail.
  • Drag-and-drop tool: A drag-and-drop tool will help you make designing easy. It will even allow you to select your elements from the sidebar, such as an image, quote, or button. You will be able to save your time with this as it is the best flow for your e-mail and move things around.
  • E-mail segmentation and personalization: Bulk e-mail ensures that you are sending mails to the right customer and at the same time. It will even segment your bulk lists such as location, actions in e-mail, purchase or sale history, etc.
  • Split testing: It is also known as A/B testing and will help you generate high open rates and get subscribers to convert. You will easily be able to determine what works the best if you will test the different subject lines of your e-mail.
  • Automation: This feature is helpful at the time when you scale your e-mail list. You can easily pre-select your mails to decide how many days in each e-mail it is going to take with this automation process. It will automatically complete the work for you after the set-up is done.

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